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Prosperity Trades is a thriving community of day traders devoted to helping you learn more and increase your profit potential.

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At Prosperity Trades, our community-driven collection of resources, including briefings, trade alerts, and live engagement, is designed to ensure that you'll be 50% more likely to succeed. You do the math.

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The Prosperity Trades community is made up of new and longtime traders alike. Whether you’re a beginner or advance trader, our community has something for you! Regardless, if you're just looking to get started or going all-in, we have a membership plan for you!

I want to trade & learn

The Silver Membership is an ideal place to get started with Prosperity Trades. Here you can get instantly plugged into our amazing community where you'll get immediate access to:

  • Live scanners
  • Online courses
  • Community stock chat
  • Stock alerts & more

With both monthly and annual plans available, there's a price option that'll fit your needs.

I want to be the best

We don't call this membership tier gold for no reason. This super-exclusive community of traders is for those who are all-in. Are you committed to being the best? Then start trading with the best. Our Gold Membership plan includes all the amazing perks of the Silver Membership, but takes it next level with exclusive:

  • Private gold member chat
  • Long trading & short trading
  • Live webinars
  • Exclusive training resources

Live Scanners

Enjoy exclusive live trade scanners which range from Scanz live news scanner ($200 value) to Customized Trade Ideas Pro Live scanners ($150 value).

Online Courses

Get INSTANT access to our educational series with over 10+ hours of on-demand video, exercises and interactive content.

Community Chat

Get Access to our Trading Community Chat where you'll trade alongside TOP  Traders and other like-minded traders and individuals.

Stock Alerts

Never miss a great opportunity with 5-10 daily live stock alerts!

Live Weekly Advice

Hop on every weekday for our live voice trading commentary. Where we provide insight on the top trades and what to look out for!

Premium Support

We are here for you! Our dedicated team is here around the clock to help you any way we can. Whether you're brand new or experienced, we're here to help you.


Prosperity Trades Silver Membership

Looking for a more exclusive community option? See if our Gold Membership is right for you.

Pick the community plan that's right for you

New or experienced traders; large or small accounts. Regardless of where you are on your path to day trading success, Prosperity Trades has a community-driven plan to take you there. Choose a membership & monthly/annual billing option below to get started:

SILVER(7-Day Free Trial)

$ 149 / month
  • Live Scanners
  • Online Courses
  • Community Chat
  • Stock Alerts
  • Live Daily Advice
  • Premium Support


$ 500 / month
  • All Silver Member Perks
  • Premium Gold Member Chat
  • Long & Short Trading
  • Live webinars
  • Premium training resources

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Start learning today and begin leveling up your day trading game with our exclusive training courses.

See for yourself how our amazing community and instructors are at helping day traders around the globe to realize their potential.

In fact, you can get started for FREE with our Beginner Course.

Learn directly from our CEO & expert trader, David Kang

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Testimonials from Prosperity Trades Members

The Prosperity team has far exceeded my expectations! The communications & ability to provide solutions is amazing! Trading has allowed me to make what used to be my monthly income within ONE WEEK! Which now gives me more time with my family. With the extreme accuracy & service here, I couldn't see myself with any other team!

Latalric S.
Prosperity Silver Member

Mr. Investor is truly genuine and doesn't only offer you alerts but teaches you a simple way to trade with proper risk management and keeping your emotions under control. Trading has changed my life as it is a lifelong skill giving you the confidence to make money in the markets. I chose to join the Prosperity team as I saw how open and passionate Mr. I is about helping his students gro and seeing them succeed. If you truly want to live the life you want and on your own terms, the Prosperity team is where you need to be learning and earning!

Jonathan R.
Prosperity Silver Member

Prosperity Trades FAQs

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