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90% of new day traders fail to make any money because they try to do it all on their own.

At Prosperity Trading, we lead a community of day traders every day, showing them to trade, and when to trade in real-time so you can increase  your profits within no time!
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David Kang

Lead Instructor

In 2013 Kang was a struggling college student trying to make ends meet. All that  changed in 2014 when he took it upon himself to gain an understanding of the stock market and risk management.

  • Has been day trading full-time since 2014
  • Made 6-figures straight from his dorm room
  • Consistently earns over $6-12k per week
  • Was one of the top 10% of traders before the age of 25

I’ve made money alone and realized making money together is a lot more fun and helping others make money is way more rewarding! – David Kang

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