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Prosperity Gold Membership

Welcome to Prosperity GOLD, our top tiered training program where our top mentors get you back on track to becoming that consistent profitable day trader you aspire to be. Rather your brand new or somewhat experienced with trading, this is the FAST TRACK route to success. This membership gives you access to a massive amount of educational content and Live help from the top trading mentors of Prosperity Trades.

Premium access to our private Discord

GOLD Students will also have a private GOLD Student chat room, and a private GOLD voice channel where you can unmute yourself and talk with other GOLD members. During all live trading sessions you can unmute yourself and talk in real time about trades, or any questions you may have at anytime. 

Below you will find many other benefits that you will receive as a Prosperity Gold Member:

Top Mentors @Mister Investor, - David, @Trader_McCrum - Allen, @Cousin Eddie- On Vacation - Scott

Limited Spots

Private GOLD trading chat room. No more cluttered silver trading chat.

GOLD chat room you will be surround with other highly motivated traders along with some of the top traders in the room.

GOLD colored Discord names, stick out in the crowd with this elite status.

Access to all Prosperity Silver membership areas, yes you can still talk in all other channels. 

Long Trading 

Short Trading

Once a week Live zoom group review session

2-4 weekly live zoom trading sessions with one of the Mentors

1v1 live zoom calls with any mentors as you need (just ask and we will get on a 1v1 call no additional charge) 

Talk to us live on all calls in real time no need to wait for a DM or an email to get the help you need right away. 

Access to GOLD video library with all recorded live webinars and other future advance educational content.

Free access to any future seminars, meet ups, and other in person trainings. 

Advanced broker lessons

Advanced trading pattern lessons

Advanced shorting lessons

Advanced psychology lessons

Top priority on all private direct messages

Free access to all trading course and educational content that we have - no paying extra

GOLD members 100% FREE access to the brand new 3 part Prosperity Trades Beginner-Advanced Trading Course $578 value

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