Prosperity Day Trading Beginner Course



  1. Basic Market Knowledge.
  2. Truth about Day Trading.
  3. Brokers and Tools.
  4. Brokers Part 2.
  5. Candlesticks.
  6. Charting – Support & Resistance.
  7. Creating a Trading Plan.
  8. Float, Volume, and it’s Importance.
  9. Trendlines, Flags, Triangle Patterns.
  10. Recap & Trading Secrets.

In our 10-part education series, you’ll walk away knowing:

  • Read technical charts for day trading
  • Identify and use price/volume activity correctly
  • Learn how to chart support and resistance
  • Recognize and utilize day trade patterns
  • Learn to use my top indicators that I trade with like EMS, Vwap, MACD, and more
  • Understand how price action works and how to apply it to day trading
  • Learn how to create my top stocks to watch each morning and why
  • Learn how to become a constant and confident day trader
  • Discover how to properly use risk management