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Here at Prosperity Trades, we are a thriving community of day traders & tranding mentors devoted to helping you learn more and increase your profit potential.

What we do at Prosperity Trades

At Prosperity Trades, our community-driven collection of resources, including briefings, trade alerts, and live engagement, is designed to ensure that you'll be 50% more likely to succeed. You do the math.

When we first began this community, we set out to help people: help them trade, help them learn, help them become better traders, and help them to realize their profit potential. In all the years since we started, that hasn't changed. Our mission has always been - and will always be - to help people be their best.

The Prosperity Trades community of traders, students, and mentors is here to provide you with all the tools you need to fulfill your mission and ours. And as a member of our community, you can dive headfirst into online learning courses, group discussions, trade alerts that are fire, and a Discord trading community like no other. We're excited you've made it this far and we hope to see you around the community soon.

Prosperity Trades Leadership Team

Say hello to David & Allen, the creators & trading mentors behind Prosperity Trades.

CEO & FOUNDER // Mister Investor

David Kang

David Kang (AKA Mister Investor or traderkang) has been trading stocks for 10 years since he was 18 years old. He had turned $2,000 into 6 figures by the end of college and built up a large following on social media, like Stocktwits and Instagram, through sharing his journey. David started his Prosperity Trading service in 2017 due to popular demand. He live streams his charts, scanners, and alerts his personal plays over real-time Discord messages and live voice commentary. He focuses on day trading stocks in pre-market from 7am till 12pm ET.

David is passionate about trading stocks, playing the violin, and finds fulfillment in seeing others succeed in the stock market through his teachings.

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Learn how to profit consistently through accurate predictions in the stock market and master the discipline & strategies of trading stocks with Mister_Investor

COO // Trader_McCrum

Allen McCrum

Hey team welcome to Prosperity Trades, thank you for taking the time to check us out and I look forward to having you on our trading team. I Started day trading in 2017, and partnered up with David and the Prosperity Trades team in 2019. I have enjoyed helping thousands of traders over this time. I find myself favoring the short side of trading but I do trade to the long side a bunch. I have a very conservative style of trading and focus on high probability success rates for my trades. I consider my self a pattern trader focusing on top percent gainers and momentum plays, my technical analysis is a huge strong point of mine.

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Outside of trading you can find me messing around with cars, traveling, and or learning new skills to always push myself to the next level. Once again, thank you for looking into our trading team, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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